Alliance Continuous Computer Paper

Alliance Continuous Computer Paper

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Continuous Computer Paper

All Alliance Computer Paper goes through a rigorous inspection and approval process which meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Our exceptional quality control produces lint-free forms and minimizes dust on print heads. The use of high quality bright white alliance-brand-continuous-computer-paper-1-part-trans.pngpaper produces crisp, vivid images that are easily readable and longer lasting. Our Computer Paper features single part, no breaks for hassle-free printing. Use on tractor-fed dot matrix impact printers for large volume runs, reports and high speed data printouts. 

We ensure a continuous supply of paper with the best quality and price available. Wet offset presses are used, providing high quality printing and packaging. All paper is tested and inspected, prior to and during the production process, for total quality control.

Alliance brand Computer Paper is manufactured to the highest quality specifications for cleanliness, moisture content and finish.

Available Specifications:

Grade   Format   Format    
Bond   1 Part   Blank    
Carbon Interleave 2 Part Carbonless 1/2" Green Bar  
Recycled 3 Part Carbonless 1/6" Green Bar  
Advantage Bond 4 Part Carbonless 1/8" Green Bar  
Premium Carbonless          
    2 Part Carbonless Colors 1/2" Blue Bar  
Perforations 3 Part Carbonless Colors 1/2" Blue Bar Hi-Lite
    4 Part Carbonless Colors      
Clean-Edge     Weight  
Regular Perf 2 Part Carbon Interleaved    
Tri-Perf   3 Part Carbon Interleaved 15#  18#  20#  24#   
No Perforations 4 Part Carbon Interleaved      
Hole Punch