Phenol Free Thermal Paper Rolls

Phenol Free Thermal Paper Rolls


Chemists at Appvion engineered a new non-phenol formulation using Vitamin C, a naturally occurring nutrient that is well-known, well-studied, and widely regarded as safe. In fact, Vitamin C is so safe that millions of people take it as a health supplement every day.

Introducing Alpha® Free, the natural choice. A Phenol Free (BPA Free, BPS Free) thermal paper roll.

Alpha® Free, the first direct thermal material formulated with Vitamin C instead of phenols or urea-based compounds, offers your customers a natural POS receipt paper. 

  • Includes Vitamin C as a thermal image developer
  • Natural yellow color on front (thermal imaging) side
  • White backside suitable for printing promotional messages on the back
  • Good imaging — ideal for economy point-of-sale receipts
  • Made in the USA at an ISO 14001 certified facility